About us

About us

Charmaine.LOVE specializes in all kinds of diamonds, jewelry, tailor-made jewelry to suit your personality; the design integrates world trends and elegance, and provides the most elegant jewelry for you!
Charmaine Eternity Co., Ltd. has been rooted in Hong Kong’s jewelry industry for more than 30 years. For 30 years, Charmaine.LOVE’s jewellery culture, in the final analysis, is about an elegant and beautiful lifestyle, cooperating with savvy and appreciative customers in pursuit of fashion, providing unique diamonds, jewellery, and tailor-made personalization ornamental professional service.

Creativity and innovation inject new impetus into fine jewelry

Charmaine.LOVE has always focused on the design of fine jewelry styles. Brand designers inject new design ideas into each design, emphasizing different lifestyles and showing different aesthetic feelings. Through the understanding of structure and space, the design explains the perfect combination of function and aesthetics, providing more possibilities for multifunctional jewelry. The novel style design makes the low-key fine jewelry also show a gorgeous figure and exude the light of art. Charmaine.LOVE hopes that every woman can also express her own taste and charm through characteristic jewelry in daily life, and create a trendy and elegant attitude to life.

Professional jewelry customization service, your happiness is unique

Jewelry is not only an accessory, but also an important carrier for conveying feelings and collecting memories. Everyone’s life is independent, and happiness cannot be copied. In order to allow more customers to have their own unique jewelry, Charmaine.LOVE also provides customers with professional jewelry customization services. From personalized ingenuity to true tailor-made creation, it is fully reflected here in Charmaine.LOVE.
In order to allow more consumers to participate in the entire customization process, and meet with the Charmaine.LOVE team, enjoy the jewelry design journey together, and experience the process of turning their dreams into reality.

Inheritance of ingenuity, professional guarantee​

Deeply working in the jewelry industry, Charmaine.LOVE has accumulated a good reputation and profound strength. Charmaine.LOVE has its own production factory and store. All jewelry from design drawings, diamonds, gems and pearls procurement and inlays, etc., are all followed up by the company’s professionals. The quality of each jewelry is strictly controlled, so that each piece is produced extremely fine. The brand is also searching for the best quality diamonds, colored gemstones, Japanese Akoya and domestic freshwater pearls from all over the world, with 14-18K gold production, to provide customers with cost-effective jewelry choices.